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New Realities. New Mindset. New Practice


Make an entire organization's mindset entrepreneurial and innovative


Video in Danish 


The Challenge format

A new mindset is created only through new actions. That is why you work in a New Practice Challenge with new actions on your own cases. It provides both concrete solutions to your current cases while training a new mindset. Two birds with one stone! 


New Practice Challenge is a two-month progress that will challenge the way you and your organization solve problems, collaborate, innovate and execute.

The Challenge contents

The Challenge

New Practice Challenge is two half-days workshops for you and your 6 to 20 colleagues. The focus is to find simpler and more value-added solutions to your challenges

Your Case

Typically the most important challenge or opportunity on top of your head or your desk. You dream about finding the best solution and getting it of the ground fast and more sustainable

Personal Mentor Line
each participant receives one facetime mentor session a month. It keeps you and your team on track, committed and aligned with the purpose

New Practice Book
The New Practice Leadership audio book is an inspirational source for you and your organisation to form common ideas to shape a sustainable future

New Practice APP
New Practice App helps you maintain and increase your learning curve through small-running Mindset Challenges in app format


Video in Danish 
Rikke Bang-Jensen & Jacob Yttesen
NORDEA Group COO Office

"I think it can give us courage, inspiration and new visions, for supporting leaders at a fairly high level, as well as the level below. In fact, I think we can set a direction that we also dare to follow "

Video in Danish 
Henrik Falch 
Deloitte, Head of Strategy, Executive Office

"It has been a very exciting and inspiring process that has given a good introduction to a fairly new toolbox, where we, in very short time, have put into words the tools and then been able to try them out in practice"

Video in Danish 
Carit Benike

VP Deutsche Bahn  

"I've come up with some ideas that I could not have gotten at home. Partly because of the process that has been facilitated but also because of the people who participated"

Video in Danish 
Marie Mynster Mardahl
Ørsted, Head of People & Development

"We must train our exploratory muscles, which is what happens with New Practice. What makes New Practice very unique is the follow-up afterwards"

Karin Dahl & Cindy Andersen 
Global management team, Kitchen & dining

"I have learned that innovation is for everyone, and what surprised me the most is the very pragmatic and straight forward tools - you can open your mind in a totally different way" 

Video in Danish 
Charsten Christensen

"We've had a very traditional way of thinking when we talk about the way we work. We do not challenge ourselves as people and as companies enough. This helps us to think differently"

Let's co-create your New Practice Leadership

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We work with New Practice Leadership


Why we and our Advisory are so passionate about New Practice?

Jesper T. Lok.jpeg

Jakob ThomasenBoard member, University

of Copenhagen 

Jesper Møller 

Vice-Chairman The Danish Industry Foundation 

Claus Hemmingsen
CEO Maersk Energy

Flemming Besenbacher 

Chairman Carlsberg Group and Carlsberg Foundation

Christian Kurt Nielsen
CEO Mercuri Urval 


Lars Ellehave Andersen
Direktør Danske Bank, Private Wealth 


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