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The biggest problem today is 

the way we solve problems 


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Do you have leadership, new growth, disruption, innovation, strategy, culture or other important topics on your agenda for board meetings, conferences or seminars? Then raise your agenda with a 30-45 min inspirational talk from one of our co-founders about the new realities, new mindset and new practices - and how you can start go from talk the talk to walk the walk. 

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From Best Practice to New Practice
Try to imagine a world where we are able to structure execution, innovation and risks in a radical different way. One way that enables us to shorten processes and accelerate the pace. Without we running faster, but because we are able to focus our energy and resources better.


A world where we all have the courage to co-create, experiment and enter into open relationships. Where the result is that we are able to move significantly from incremental development - in an inspiring, meaningful and personal developmental form. How anyone can release the energy and translate changes to the new healthy options.


That's what New Practice Leadership is about; to create a common language and common practice that promotes co-creation of innovative solutions.

A new mindset and language

The liberating is that we are all born with the skills we need to develop and use in the future. But as we grow up, brought up, educated and trained from industrial thinking and basic assumptions, we lose the ability, we just need to navigate in a digital and exponentially changing era.


The difficulty right now is that we must establish the courage that enables us to reestablish this property.


For the overall purpose, we have built and experimented with a number of techniques in the past eight years, enabling us to structure execution, innovation and risk in ways that match the new age.

The main purpose is to create a simple and intuitive language that enables us to collaborate and co-create across borders, cultures and industries.


There are a total of seven techniques where three of the techniques focus on development and aim to create the right structures and the right design in all decisions and problem solving.


Further three techniques aim at ensuring high development and execution power in internal projects and open collaborations and partnerships.


A final but decisive technique aims to ensure focus on what is increasingly becoming the key to successful development; the human factor.

The human factor is about establishing the courage to act challenging and work experimenting with problems where we do not know the solution. The ability to cooperate openly and inclusive, in new structures and in win-win-win relationships, where we lose control and the need to anticipate and instead open up experimental and agile work methods.

New Practice Leadership the book

"New Practice Leadership - Entrepreneur Leadership and Viable Growth" is our first book in the series of books where we develop New Practice and share ideas and experiences. Subscribe to our mailing list and you will receive the free first edition of the New Practice Leadership audio book.

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